Established in 2021... Surific Farms is a fully integrated seed-to-sale craft cannabis farm in Paso Robles, San Luis Obispo County, California operated by Surific Management, LLC.

Marijuana Flowers (©1977)

Stemming from our grandfather’s publication of Sinsemilla
One of the original publications on the subject of cannabis, Surific Farms leverages its experience with prolific genetics and organic farming practices to bring the highest quality craft cannabis to today’s discerning market.

Surific Management is a family-run, third generation medical and craft cannabis farm operator with nearly 20 years of experience in licensed commercial cultivation. The Surific Management team is composed of some of the best cannabis farmers in the state.Beyond the know-how skills, Surific Farms ensures the absolute minimum environmental impact by mitigating soil inputs, utilizing natural products for pest control, and strictly managing water usage and wastewater output. Surific Farms cannabis is the best green environmental and ecological choice.

Our new home in Paso Robles has been described as the next Napa Valley for quality wine grapes.
The same elements for cultivating great grapes are required for cultivating great cannabis. Hot dry summers, cool coastal influences, significant diurnal temperature shifts, and breezy hills are a recipe for growing the state’s greatest cannabis flowers.
In short, choose your quality cannabis flower producer based on experience, track record, environmental impact, and growing location. Choose Surific Farms.